Public Relations & Marketing

Public Relations and Marketing for Doctors! Doc’s Love PTMHCM Public relations and marketing doctors is necessary! But it requires a public relations specialist, that is, one that specializes only in healthcare.

Being a Good Doctor is Not Enough!

PTM Healthcare Marketing provides public relations and marketing services to doctors and specialists. Marketing your medical practice yourself is key if you are going to survive in this delicate healthcare climate. Do you have the time? Can you assign your public relations and marketing tasks to a staff member? PTMHCM understands that your number one objective is to achieve high patient satisfaction scores. Public relations and marketing can help accomplish this number one objective.

PTMHCM Will Help You Achieve Name Recognition

Don’t Make a Mistake Staying competitive is clearly important. Patients depend on their healthcare providers for the best possible care. Today, more than ever before, the consumer is researching their diagnosis and treatment options.